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Monday, June 8, 2009

When Do You Need an Immigration Attorney?

1. If you have committed or been convicted of any crime.

2. If your prior applications have been denied.

3. If you have attempted the process on your own and simply cannot figure out what to do next.

4. If you have been deported or otherwise forced to leave the United States.

5. If you have a communicable disease.

6. If you have filed your immigration forms and have been waiting an unreasonably long time for a response.

7. If you divorced your first U.S. spouse before the condition was removed from your permanent residence and you are now seeking to adjust status based on a marriage to another U.S. citizen.

8. If your marriage to a U.S. citizen failed before you were able to file your petition to have the condition removed on your residency, and you will have to file alone.

9. If you are immigrating with your family and you have a child that could reach age twenty-one before your permanent residence status is granted.

10. If you are obtaining a visa or green card based on an employment offer, but your prospective employer has not offered to handle the immigration process.

For a more detailed discussion for these issues, please see the FIND LAW article.


  1. The basic knowledge of knowing when to get an immigration lawyer is relatively important. You can actually get on with applying for a visa or green card even without a lawyer. That is, if you have no record of crimes or any of that sort. However, there are situations when you’ll need a lawyer’s help, like those mentioned above. The moment you are facing any legal issue, you can get one at the soonest time possible. This is to give your lawyer enough time to study your case. Plus, discussing your case with a lawyer that specializes in your particular case can serve as a guide for you in making the right decisions.

    Tyrone Urman

  2. Sometimes, people hesitate to ask help from lawyers regarding immigration queries. Good thing, you've posted this. I guess it suggests that most often than not, legal assistance is not just an option, but a must. Meanwhile, in all the cases enumerated above, I suggest that you would consider a lawyer's knowledge of the existing agreements between your original country and the country where you wished to settle.

    -Rachal Dworkin



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